Watch Leo Staar Movies Online

Watch Leo Staar Movies Online

Leo Staar is an English actor born in London, where he still lives. Leo grew up in a small town called Worthing, near Brighton in West Sussex. He comes from a very musical family, his mother is a professional classical violinist and his father was a professional French Horn player. Leo's parents separated when he was eight and he grew up with his mother and sister. Leo didn't get into acting till quite late, he was twenty years old and on his second gap year without a clue with what to do with his life when his mother suggested he should try out for England's National Youth Theatre. His mother thought it might help his self confidence but she also had a gut feeling it was the right place for him. Within a year, having never acted before, he was in the National Youth Theatre and accepted to a top drama school with a full scholarship.Leo has done some top theatre work in London's West End in the few years since graduating drama school, performing at London's National Theatre in productions of 'Hamlet' and 'After the Dance'. Some of his notable television work includes Stephen Poliakoff's drama 'Dancing on the Edge' and the popular BBC series 'Call the Midwife', playing the boyfriend of Nurse Jenny, Alec.Leo can most recently be seen as Inspector Lapointe, sidekick to Rowan Atkinson in ITV's 'Maigret'.
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